South Park - Episode Guide

Episodes » Season 10
Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
140 1001 The Return of Chef March 22, 2006 1001 Links (2)

After a long hiatus, Chef returns to South Park, but the boys notice that he isn't the same friend he used to be.

141 1002 Smug Alert! March 29, 2006 1002 Links (2)

Stan persuades everyone in town to buy hybrid cars, not realizing the new cars cause a different kind of dangerous emission which ends in a climatic finish in the midsts of San Francisco

142 1003 Cartoon Wars Part I April 5, 2006 1003 Links (2)

The town is in panic when Family Guy angers the Muslim world by attempting to air an image of Mohammed. Meanwhile, Kyle and Cartman fight over whether or not Family Guy should stay on the air.

143 1004 Cartoon Wars Part II April 12, 2006 1004 Links (2)

Cartman meets with the president of FOX in an attempt to cancel Family Guy and discovers the real writers of the show.

144 1005 A Million Little Fibers April 19, 2006 1005 Links (2)

In a parody of James Frey's A Million Little Pieces controversy, Towelie disguises himself as a man and publishes his dubiously written memoirs. Meanwhile, Oprah's vagina and anus try to escape from the media mogul, who has been neglecting them.

145 1006 ManBearPig April 26, 2006 1006 Links (2)

Al Gore gets the boys trapped in Cave of the Winds while trying to kill the purported "Manbearpig". While in the cave Cartman finds treasure that he attempts to steal.

146 1007 Tsst May 3, 2006 1007 Links (2)

Cartman's mom calls upon a dog trainer (Cesar Millan) to keep her son from misbehaving, which changes Cartman's personality so greatly that he plans on killing his mother.

147 1008 Make Love, Not Warcraft October 4, 2006 1008 Links (2)

The boys dedicate their lives to defeating a mad gamer and saving the World of Warcraft.

148 1009 Mystery of the Urinal Deuce October 11, 2006 1009 Links (2)

Stan and Kyle "discover" the true culprits behind the 9/11 attacks while Mr. Mackey is determined to find out who defecated in the boys' room urinal at South Park Elementary.

149 1010 Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy October 18, 2006 1010 Links (2)

Cartman is appointed the school's hall monitor. Meanwhile, an attractive kindergarten teacher has an affair with Kyle's brother, Ike.

150 1011 Hell on Earth 2006 October 25, 2006 1011 Links (2)

Satan throws a Halloween party. Meanwhile, the boys summon Biggie Smalls through a Bloody Mary-type ritual.

151 1012 Go God Go November 1, 2006 1012 Links (2)

Mrs. Garrison objects to teaching evolution in science class, and Richard Dawkins is sent to help her. Meanwhile, Cartman buries himself in snow in an attempt to freeze himself until the day the Wii console is released.

152 1013 Go God Go XII November 8, 2006 1013 Links (1)

Cartman, frozen in the snow for over 500 years, awakens in the future, only to be caught up in a war between atheists.

153 1014 Stanley's Cup November 15, 2006 1014 Links (2)

A cartoonish movie announcer harasses Stan as he tries to build a pee-wee ice hockey league in order to pay off the ticket to his impounded bicycle.